I Hear That Hat Testimonial

The hats have been specifically designed to fit over your child's hearing aid. While they still provide your child the opportunity to be able to functionally use their hearing aid. The hat is large enough to offer protection from the sun as well. I highly recommend these hats for children who would greatly benefit from them.

Vicky MacDonald 

Hat Testimonial

"Every child is unique. We at the daycare strive to nurture and fulfill the needs of every child. As a daycare we can become busy with many children. Zoe wears a BAHA hearing aid headband and before this hat we had to take the hearing aid off so she could wear a hat outside on the playground.  Now the educators just slip on the hat, put her hearing aid through the hole and off they go.  So simple, quick and effective to use.  It really solved Zoe’s needs and the problem at hand".

Asma Kidwai, Executive Director, Daycare