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It’s all in the Name

As a new business the name is always the most important.  There is so much to think about… will people relate to it, will they remember it, will they associate my product with it.  You can go crazy, obsess over it and ultimately choose one that not everyone will agree with or like.  However, the name you choose is entirely up to you; the person who will be living and breathing it every day.

My online retail children’s boutique name The Loving Ladybug came to me as every good idea comes to me; in the shower.  Now let me backtrack a few years.  My mother who was and is my best friend was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in the spring of 2014; we handled it with more positivity than I can even tell you.  What we didn’t realize was how advanced it was and 6 weeks later June 22, 2014 my mom passed away.  Still to this day it’s the hardest thing I have ever had to go through and one that I feel gets harder with time.  People always said “memories never fade but it will get easier with time”.  I agree the memories never fade, in fact they get stronger but I disagree with it getting easier.  I find it’s getting harder.  I am not going to get into the details of why, maybe I’ll save that for another day.  Anyway, back to the name The Loving Ladybug.  Just after my mom passed I was sitting outside talking on the phone and this Ladybug stayed with me for over an hour.  It flew around me, landed on my lap, walked up and down my arm and it just felt familiar.  I knew in that moment it was my mom’s presence.  Ever since that day whenever I see a Ladybug I think of my mom and how she is always around me.

I had thought about several names for my business but none ever felt right until it hit me Ladybugs! I want this adventure to be as much a part of me as it is her.  After all I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.  Just because someone is gone out of your everyday physical life doesn’t mean that are gone from your everyday.  So this name came to me because of my mom’s love and the ladybug trail she brings with her.  I love my mom very much and the best way to get through the day is knowing that I got to spend 37 years with the best mother, friend and role model ever.  Thank you mom.

So I give you The Loving Ladybug, this name brings a lot of meaning and I hope you come to know that when you think of The Loving Ladybug you think of trust and family.  I am excited to get to know you and welcome the chance to hear from you.