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Welcome to The Loving Ladybug

We are an online children’s boutique that believes in making parents lives easier, convenient and letting kids be kids.

The Loving Ladybug specializes in 2 main products.

1) The I Hear That hat; a hat that is tailored to the BAHA and Ponto softband hearing aid.

2) The Cover Me Safely Coat (patent pending); a coat that safely covers children while not interfering with the car seat harness. (Coming to you fall 2017!)

Our journey began when our sweet angel Zoe was born. She was born with a rare syndrome called Treacher-Collins that resulted in her ears not being fully developed.  This led her to wearing a hearing aid, more specifically the BAHA® softband. While this amazing device helped her in so many ways we discovered specific challenges that came along with it, while trying to maintain a normal everyday life.  This included the simple act of wearing a hat. We put Zoe is summer hats, winter hats and all we heard was feedback from her hearing aid. How frustrating!!! My child needs a hat, all children need hats.  So with the inspiration of Zoe’s needs came the the “I Hear That” hat.

But we didn’t stop there…

As you may know Canadian winters are cold, I mean -30 cold. So when we were taking Zoe in the car we had to bundle her up, but Transportation Canada along with the Car seat industry was advising that winter coats under the car seat harnesses are a major safety issue.

I reached out to many friends and family members asking how they dealt with this “keeping my baby warm in the car seat” issue and heard many suggestions that were time consuming and not very effective. Things like wrapping her in a blanket (that kept falling or dragging on the ground), to wearing her winter coat from door to car,  then taking it off to put the harness on; then covering her with a blanket or with her coat.  All were fails in my mind and I couldn’t do this anymore.  The constant wind and cold was making this experience awful.

Then a bright light went off (it may have been the overhead light in the car but whatever)… what if I can create a coat that allows my daughter to stay warm from door to car and back and remain warm while putting on the car seat harness.  She can still wear her mittens and have her arms protected while I do up the harness!!

It’s amazing how ideas come from everyday life and wanting the best for your children.  Zoe is the love of our lives, she is the happiest, most social girl and I am so proud that I can offer her safe, functional and convenient products to make all our lives easier.

The syndrome that Zoe was born with has us maintaining a very busy schedule of visiting Doctors and specialists regularly.  Most of our visits are to the amazing Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This place is a blessing and we are so fortunate to have a hospital that cares so much for our kids and will do everything they can for them.  So we want to do the same… At The Loving Ladybug we believe that working together is far better than going it alone.  So for every hat purchased we will donate $1.00 and every coat $2.00 to the Sick Kids foundation.

It is also with great pleasure that I share, The Loving Ladybug has partnered with FlapJackKids  to be able to offer the I Hear That hat.  FlapJackKids  is a Canadian company that is currently sold in over 2,500 stores worldwide.  They offer reversible children’s summer and winter accessories, along with other amazing coordinating pieces.  They “strive to provide excellent products and insist on the best materials available”. Their sun hats are always reversible and UPF 50+ protection (blocking out 99.9% of the sun’s rays) to protect your children.

We are so honoured to be working with FlapJackKids  as they to are passionate about giving back.  They have a special line called IVY & ALEX that has joint initiative with World Vision.

We hope you enjoy these products for your children; whether you have a child that wears a BAHA Softband or just simply lives in this wonderfully cold wintered country. We all do this “For the Life and Love of our Child”.

We look forward to hearing your stories about your children and how you made their lives easier.  Please feel free to share a photo and/or a comment  that we may share on our website or social media sites.

You can find us at www.thelovingldybug.com/blog where I share and talk about many different topics about life, recipes, DIYing, everyday hacks and mostly the wish of “I’ll Sleep In on Saturday”

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