At The Loving Ladybug we believe in making parents lives easier, convenient and letting kids be kids.  We understand that your child’s safety and wellbeing is top of mind and we want to help you with that through specialty outerwear.  The Loving Ladybug believes that working together is far better than going it alone and with this mentality we are proud to donate a portion of each sale to The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids).

The I Hear That Hat is designed specifically with the softband in mind.  This easy to use hat allows your child's BAHA or PONTO to slip through the specially designed opening providing full coverage and protection from the sun without sound interference or feedback.  Never decide again between sun protection or your child’s hearing! With the I Hear That hat your child gets the best of both.


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We are an online children’s boutique that believes in making parents lives easier, convenient and letting kids be kids.

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